Benjamin Drury is a Canberra based composer, improviser and sound artist. His practise deals with experimental, popular and classical musics in performance and composition. His work as a composer is concerned with acoustics, noise and indeterminacy. He performs regularly as a member of the ANU Experimental Music Studio and New Music Ensemble as performer and composer and has has works played by Eighth Blackbird, Ensemble Offspring and Lisa Moore as a composer. His work moves outside of venues, focusing more on alternative, experimental and experiential ways of presenting new music, including the site-specific installation Pieces for Cars Tunnel and Hexagonal vents as part of the You Are Festival in May of 2016 and generative and interactive electroacoustic works. He has also performed in the Canberra International Music Festival, SoundOut festival, the International Conference of Auditory Design, Electrofringe and Art Not Apart. His first album Sentence Fragment Consider Revising is was released in February 2017.

“Drury has lovingly collected the sounds of a scene in flux. The real irony is that the beats really are tight and clever. This record isn’t just worthwhile. It’s an important statement about how the process is just as vital as the finished product.”

Hayden Fritzlaff for BMA Magazine


“With a thriftshop taste for Pierre Schaeffer and Kanye West, Drury (surrounded by laptops, pedals, and lamps) played two songs, both good. Focusing, dimming, then disappearing into the stage smoke and Woody Guthrie samples.”

Cary Longman for BMA Magazine


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